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Improving law practice for lawyers and their clients.

You may be a lawyer seeking help with your law practice. Perhaps you want help dealing with a difficult client or partner, or defending a legal ethics complaint. Or you need guidance or assurance that you are handling a difficult issue the right way.

You may be a client and believe your lawyer is not doing the right thing or has caused you harm.

Whether you are a lawyer or a client, Downey Law Group LLC is built to provide you with clear, concise, and cost-effective legal services. Five features distinguish Downey Law Group from your typical law firm:

1. We focus only on the legal industry. Our practice is devoted to the law of lawyering over the course of the professional life of a lawyer from bar admission, to law practice, to retirement and succession planning.

2. We have broad and deep experience dealing with the legal and ethical issues that lawyers and their clients face. Our Missouri legal ethics lawyers have helped submit and respond to scores of ethics complaints and tried and argued ethics cases on appeal. We also regularly serve as outside legal and ethics counsel to dozens of law firms.

3. We have worked hard to gain and maintain leading-edge knowledge of trends and issues impacting the legal industry. Our founding member Michael Downey has completed graduate study on the legal industry and teaches courses on legal ethics and law firm practice. Nationally cited as an authority on legal ethics and law practice, Michael was named a 2014 Most Influential Lawyer by Missouri Lawyers Weekly for his work as chair of the ABA Law Practice Division and the “go-to legal ethics counsel in Missouri.”

4. We operate a lean, flexible firm to provide timely, targeted legal assistance. We operate in hourly, fixed, and other fee arrangements; live within our budget estimates; and minimize the extraneous charges passed to clients.

5. We leverage technology to best serve our clients. This includes that clients regularly receive access to their file through a secure client portal.

Our Missouri legal ethics attorneys invite you to review our website and its resources, and to contact Downey Law Group with any questions you may have about attorney ethics, law firm risk management, or the law of lawyering. We look forward to speaking with you.

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