Attorney-Client Privilege & Work-Product Protection

Downey Law Group provides guidance to corporations and law firms in protecting information from discovery under the attorney-client privilege and work-product protection, and in assessing whether communications to and from lawyers or relating to anticipated litigation should be deemed privileged or discoverable despite the existence of such privileges.

The deep knowledge and understanding founding member Michael Downey has in matters of privilege was originally recognized almost a decade ago when Mr. Downey helped protect hundreds of thousands of privileged documents from discovery after a federal judge presiding over multi-district litigation concluded prior counsel had not taken proper steps to prevent discovery of the information. Mr. Downey led a team of lawyers and professionals who helped reorganize and shore up contract and firm attorneys conducting the privilege review, averting possible sanctions and rescuing virtually all information from discovery.

Now lawyers and clients regularly call upon Mr. Downey to advise how they can protect information from discovery or to assess whether information should or should not be deemed discoverable. Mr. Downey frequently provides guidance on privilege and production matters, and has authored opinion letters to document what information may be retained from disclosure and the bases for those conclusions.