Bar Admission & Reinstatement

Bar Admissions. Downey Law Group regularly represents lawyers through the entire professional life cycle. This includes that founding member Michael Downey has represented scores of law students and bar applicants in preparing character and fitness applications and navigating the bar admission process.

In some instances, the character and fitness issues were quite serious, including:

  • Academic misconduct including alleged completion of answers after time was called in a prior administration of the bar examination;
  • Conviction for and prior failure to disclose felony convictions including armed robbery and assault;
  • Conviction for felony drug possession with intent to distribute and other serious unlawful conduct; and
  • Issues relating to substance abuse and mental illness.

Mr. Downey has successfully guided applicants with such issues through the bar admission process, helping them understand the concerns of the bar examiners and maximizing the likelihood they will gain admission, including without appearing in-person before the bar examiners.

Reinstatement to Practice Law. Downey Law Group also assists suspended or disbarred lawyers in seeking reinstatement to the Bar.

Mr. Downey has represented and assisted numerous lawyers who successfully sought reinstatement to the bar, including lawyers who had been suspended or disbarred due to felony criminal convictions relating to stealing from law partners and clients.

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