Leverage, leverage, where goest thou?

Today I received the St. Louis Business Journal's Book of Lists 2014. Included is the list of the 75 largest St. Louis law firms -- including a three-way tie at 73rd largest with 8 lawyers -- as of January 1, 2013, that is, last January.

Since I am gearing up to teach "Introduction to Law Firm Practice" at Washington University School of Law, my attention was immediately drawn to the leverage numbers for the largest St. Louis firms. Of note, no firm in the top 7 has more associates than partners (although #2 Bryan Cave apparently has more non-partners than partners). But these "leverage" numbers do not distinguish between equity partners and partners who are not equity partners.

The Book of Lists provides only "partners" and "associates" for the firms as of January 2013. I calculated the "other" attorneys myself, with the following results for the 10 largest firms:

Firm rank: 1
Firm: Thompson Coburn
Total local attorneys: 260
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 175
Local associates: 85
Other (using math): 0

Firm rank: 2
Firm: Bryan Cave
Total local attorneys: 253
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 105
Local associates: 95
Other (using math): 53

Firm rank: 3
Firm: Husch Blackwell
Total local attorneys: 201
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 121
Local associates: 66
Other (using math): 14

Firm rank: 4
Firm: Armstrong Teasdale
Total local attorneys: 197
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 111
Local associates: 61
Other (using math): 25

Firm rank: 5
Firm: Greensfelder
Total local attorneys: 163
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 89
Local associates: 74
Other (using math): 0

Firm rank: 6
Firm: Lewis Rice
Total local attorneys: 128
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 83
Local associates: 34
Other (using math): 11

Firm rank: 7
Firm: Polsinelli
Total local attorneys: 114
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 60
Local associates: 35
Other (using math): 19

Firm rank: 8
Firm: Sandberg Phoenix
Total local attorneys: 92
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 37
Local associates: 41
Other (using math): 14

Firm rank: 9
Firm: Brown & James
Total local attorneys: 90
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 38
Local associates: 52
Other (using math): 0

Firm rank: 10
Firm: Hepler Broom
Total local attorneys: 70
Local Partners (equity and non-equity): 33
Local associates: 37
Other (using math): 0