Certificate for "Protecting Client Information?

The Certificate of Completion for “Protecting Client Information” on August 23, 2023, is available here – DLG CLE – Protecting Info certificate Read More

Legal Ethics Counsel

Who helps you understand how you should behave as a lawyer? Downey Law Group has two decades of experience advising lawyers, law firms, and corporate counsel on legal ethics, risk management, and related issues. Questions on which we regularly advise… Read More

Lawyer Discipline & Bar Admissions

Downey Law Group has extensive experience assisting lawyers in responding to charges of unethical conduct, and responding to the disciplinary charges that sometimes arise from those charges. We have helped lawyers respond to more than 100 ethics comp… Read More

Legal & Professional Malpractice

Lawyers and other professionals frequently face civil claims from dissatisfied clients and third parties. These claims can damage the professional’s practice and reputation, and result in serious monetary damages imposed against a law firm or other… Read More

Fiduciary Litigation

A fiduciary duty is the highest duty imposed by law. Lawyers owe a fiduciary duty to their clients; trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the grantor and beneficiaries of a trust; and business partners owe a fiduciary duty to their other business partners… Read More

Judicial Disqualification & Ethics

Lawyers and clients considering legal action against a judge should heed the common warning: “If you are going to shoot the king, you had better kill him.” When the judge presiding over your case has made missteps, you want an experienced, knowle… Read More

Expert Witness Services

Downey Law Group managing member Michael Downey regularly provides consulting and testifying expert witness services about legal ethics, legal malpractice, legal billing, and related issues. Prior expert witness experience includes: Deposition testim… Read More

Whistleblower & False Claims Act Cases

A whistleblower is a person who exposes illegal or fraudulent activity. When a whistleblower provides evidence that a private company or individual is defrauding the government, federal and state law including the False Claims Act may allow that whis… Read More