Expert Witness Services

Downey Law Group managing member Michael Downey regularly provides consulting and testifying expert witness services about legal ethics, legal malpractice, legal billing, and related issues. Prior expert witness experience includes:

  • Deposition testimony on behalf of an elderly plaintiff suing a lawyer and law firm for alleged excessive billing, professional negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty relating to management of the client’s assets and affairs
  • Arbitration testimony proceeding on behalf of a lawyer relating to claims of alleged misconduct during the lawyer’s time at, and when departing from, a law firm
  • Deposition testimony that a large law firm had mishandled insurance aspects of a settlement of multi-million-dollar securities fraud claims
  • Court testimony hearing on behalf of a family law firm opposing a motion to disqualify based upon a meeting with a prospective but declined client in a marital dissolution matter
  • Submission of an affidavit regarding apparent ineffective assistance in post-conviction proceedings by criminal defense counsel handling a capital murder case

Mr. Downey has testified in person at depositions or hearings approximately fifteen times, and has submitted expert reports or affidavits in more than twenty additional proceedings in matters pending in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

If you are interested in learning more about or engaging Mr. Downey’s expert witness services, please contact Downey Law Group at (314) 961-6644.