Legal & Professional Malpractice

Lawyers and other professionals frequently face civil claims from dissatisfied clients and third parties. These claims can damage the professional’s practice and reputation, and result in serious monetary damages imposed against a law firm or other professional group, as well as their insurers.

Malpractice Defense of Lawyers and Other Professionals

Downey Law Group regularly defends lawyers, accountants, and other professionals against civil claims alleging malpractice or misconduct in the delivery of professional services. Notable representations include:

  • Obtaining summary judgment for a large national firm on claims the firm had mishandled an adverse party’s medical records, and then defending this summary judgment successfully on appeal
  • Representing a large national firm on multi-million dollar claims the firm had failed to file more than a dozen patent applications for its clients; after considerable discovery and motions practice, the matters settled on terms quite acceptable to the firm’s insurer
  • Serving as independent counsel for a workers’ compensation lawyer sued for allegedly failing to file a claim prior to the statute of limitations, and pressing for prompt settlement of the matter within policy limits
  • Defending accounting firms on charges including malpractice, mishandling client information, and failure to detect embezzlement

Claims against Lawyers for Legal Malpractice

Downey Law Group also evaluates and pursues claims for legal malpractice against lawyers and law firms. Drawing upon his unique practice focus and reputation, founding member Michael Downey has had considerable success obtaining satisfactory results for his clients against lawyers without actually having to file and assert the claims. When lawyers and insurers have proved too obstinate,. Downey has proven a capable adversary willing to press a defendant law firm into providing adequate compensation to an injured client.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your professional malpractice matter and how we can help.