Whistleblower & False Claims Act Cases

A whistleblower is a person who exposes illegal or fraudulent activity. When a whistleblower provides evidence that a private company or individual is defrauding the government, federal and state law including the False Claims Act may allow that whistleblower to recover a substantial reward or bounty for helping catch the fraud.

Downey Law Group regularly partners with a Kansas City-area law firm to investigate and prosecute whistleblower claims in Missouri and Illinois. We have helped investigate claims relating to fraudulent bills submitted by health care and medical product companies and other government contractors. The lawyers at Downey Law Group have also assisted clients in vetting and pursuing whistleblower claims relating to tax evasion and securities fraud.

If you have evidence that someone – perhaps your employer or business competitor – has defrauded federal or state governments, please contact Downey Law Group promptly for a free consultation.