Senior federal prosecutor risks violating Rule 3.6 on internet -- caught for “redoubt”

Coming out of New Orleans is a fascinating story about a senior federal prosecutor who chose to use the monicker "Mencken1951" and others to post anonymous comments on news stories about a case he was prosecuting. The most recent post on this story (about the prosecutor's resignation), which to me is yet another example of "You won't believe what lawyers will do, can be read here:

This seems as good a time as any to provide a link to my article on Rule 3.6 (extrajudicial statements), Rule 8.2 (criticizing judges), and other limits on commenting on pending matters. The article is attached.

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I also find it very interesting that the lawyer's use of antiquated words like "redoubt" and "dubiety" led to his cover being blown.


Congratulations to my friend Jack Sahl of University of Akron for being quoted in the story linked above.