"Mike Downey’s knowledge and experience in helping our accounting firm has been top notch. He has designed and taught ethical programs for our firm on multiple occasions. Mike and his firm maintain a deep current understanding of professional practice trends and issues affecting the accounting industry. Something we value highly with Mike is the fact that he takes a pragmatic approach to ethics and malpractice prevention matters, and doesn't over-complicate things unnecessarily. With that said, if a matter is complex we feel his firm is very capable of handling it."

– Partner, St. Louis Accounting Firm

"I have known Mike Downey for 15 years, and we worked together for several years. I’ve always found Mike to be extremely bright and knowledgeable – especially in the area of lawyers’ ethics. I have also had the pleasure of hearing Mike speak on ethics locally and nationally. Mike is looked to across the country for his vast knowledge in the ethical area."

– Firm Administrator, St. Louis Litigation Boutique

"Mike is the consummate lawyer – a trusted advisor, legal scholar, and an advocate possessing written and oral advocacy skills that are unsurpassed. But his other qualities make him exceptional as an ethics lawyer. No matter what the client's situation, Mike has the unique ability to listen without being judgmental, perhaps because he has seen and heard it all, and then to develop a proactive path forward. He is also always willing to consider alternative practice models, without rejecting new or novel approaches out right, and because he is knowledgeable about the 'business' of lawyering, he is often able to find similar successful models in other jurisdictions."

– Sole Practitioner and Mediator, St. Louis

"For Missouri lawyers facing attorney disciplinary actions, Mike Downey is the attorney they turn to for help."

– Missouri Lawyers Weekly (2021)

"The Best! When you need to resolve your ethics conundrums, you want an attorney that is going to give you accurate and candid advice built from years of experience. Mr. Downey is that attorney."

– Managing Partner, St. Louis Family Law Firm