Welcome to Our New Website – and Series on Missouri’s New Legal Ethics Opinions

Welcome to the new website for Downey Law Group LLC. I hope you enjoy the website and its content. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

I also want to thank the Modern Firm, a law firm website design company, for its expert service and patience in helping Downey Law Group accomplish our goal of having a new website, one that it allows the firm to update with blog posts, calendar invites, and other content useful to our audience.

As part of rolling out our new website, I will post a series of short articles on what I consider to be the more interesting new Missouri Informal Advisory opinions. Missouri Legal Ethics Counsel Melinda Bentley and her staff issued 15 new Informal Advisory Opinions in 2018. Today and in coming weeks I anticipate issuing about 10 of these new opinions.

When reading these posts and the accompanying opinion, please note a reference to a “Rule” without further details refers to the Missouri Supreme Court Rules.

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