Virtual and “Very Nearby” Practices

As virtual law practices become more common, some argue that clients do not care at all about a lawyer's location.

I keep running into evidence that suggests this is not true. Although sometimes location does not matter, clients still like to see their lawyer, shake the lawyer's hand, and sit across from the lawyer.

It appears that Husch Blackwell agrees. Husch just announced that it had signed a three-year lease to co-locate in the new @4240 building in the CORTEX district, which is part of St. Louis's 200 acre biotech and high tech district. Details are here:

Congratulations to Husch for making this move. It will also be interesting to see what lessons they learn about staffing and operating such an office. And hopefully they communicated with other firms, such as my friends at Miles & Stockbridge, that had tried to establish high-tech outposts, with widely varying outcomes.